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The 2014-2015 academic year tuition rate as approved by the Board of Trustees is: $16,950.  

There are no additional fees for athletics, arts and activities at Austin Prep. IPads for every student are included in the cost of tuition. Digital book costs are about $300, depending on the academic course load of the individual student.  School Uniforms can be purchased at Land's End.

Registration fee: A one-time-only fee of $250 is charged to newly accepted students to hold their place. It is non-refundable, and is in addition to the basic tuition rate quoted above.

Tuition deposit: All students, new and returning, are required to pay a non-refundable tuition deposit of $1,000. For newly accepted students, this fee is due upon acceptance and holds the students space in his/her class. For returning students, this fee is due upon reenrollment and holds the students space in his/her class. In both cases this deposit is applied toward the tuition.

Sibling discount: In most instances, a family who has more than one child attending Austin Preparatory School during the same academic year is entitled to the following discounts from the basic tuition: Second Child - $1000 Discount; Each Additional Child - $1,500 Discount. The exception to this policy is for students who are recipients of financial aid.

Tuition payment options available: Austin Preparatory School partners with Smart Tuition to manage our tuition payment program. Visit its website at to enroll. If you prefer, you can also contact the Student Billing Office for a mail-in enrollment form.

Please choose ONE of the following payment plans outlined below. Each plan will be administered by the Austin Student Billing Office in conjunction with our tuition management provider, Smart Tuition.

Your payment options include:

Full payment due on or before July 2014: This option allows for a $100 discount on the total tuition if paying by check, money order or credit card.

Pay in three payments due June, September & November 2014:  A $50 administrative charge per family is charged by Smart Tuition.

Pay over 10 months beginning May 2014 and ending March 2015: A $100 administrative charge per family is charged by Smart Tuition.

All tuition plans are billed directly by Smart Tuition. All payments should go directly to Smart Tuition for processing and proper credit after a student's initial $1,000 deposit is paid in school. Late fees will apply after the grace period. You will receive additional information from Smart Tuition once enrolled.

For any questions, concerns or any additional information on your tuition payment options and Smart Tuition, please contact Allyson Jaena, Student Billing Office, 781-944-4900 x824.


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