Austin Preparatory School :: Spiritual Life :: Grade 6 Retreat 2014




Every Austin student is required to attend a retreat each year during the school day. The Grade 6 Retreat will be held at Austin from 8:20 AM - 2:15 PM. Students do not attend any classes on retreat day. The retreat is designed to give students time to think about and reflect on their relationship with God, their awareness of themselves, and their connections and friendships with other sixth graders.

We believe it is very important to give students the opportunity to get to know their classmates better and to promote a sense of community within the class and as well as a sense of belonging to Austin on Monday, February 10. All the activities of the day are offered in context of the Augustinian characteristics of VERITAS, UNITAS, CARITAS as they affect the daily lives of our students.

The Director of Campus Ministry, Ms. Susan Vacanti, with the assistance of some Senior Retreat Leaders, and the Team 6 teachers, plans and directs the retreats. We will also have a guest speaker, Rev. Adrienne Berry-Burton, during the morning portion of the retreat. The sixth grade teachers will be with us throughout the day.  

Activities: The retreat consists of many different experiences. Our guest speaker will offer a presentation on God’s loving care for each of us. The students will attend a class Mass during Activity Period. Throughout the day there will be other prayerful times and a meditation; a variety of fun, getting-to-know myself and others, and team-building activities; indoor games; a craft project; small group discussions with seniors and fellow classmates; viewing of part of a film; music; and sharing a snack together.

What to wear: Students must be in full dress code. Girls are asked to wear dress code pants. Sneakers are not permitted. Students may bring a pair of sneakers with them to wear when they are in the gym. Otherwise, they will be in their stocking feet in the gym.

What to bring: Students must bring a pen and a coat. They should not bring any books or backpacks. Cell phone use is not allowed during the retreat. All school rules apply throughout the retreat.

Food: We will provide a morning snack and some water after the Mass. Students must provide their own lunch. They may bring a lunch from home, or buy a lunch in the dining hall during their usual second lunch period that day.

Please contact Ms. Vacanti or at extension 842 with any questions or concerns.

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